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«JUMO GmbH & Co.KG» is a famous automation facilities producer located in Germany.

The firm “JUMO” supplies a wide range of measurement and control instrumentation: pressure instruments, thermostats, dial thermometers and timers, controllers, transducers for temperature and humidity, indicators, recording instruments, analytical measurement equipment.

Products and services

mechanical components analytical instruments pressure transmitters manometers circuit boards mechanical thermostats electronic temperature controllers power controllers dial thermometers.

temperature probes (Rtd`s and thermocouples) Rtd. elements (Pt100, ets.) recorders (chart and paperless) temperature transmitters digital indicators


The flowmeters JUMO flowTRANS MAG S10 and H10 make an impression with simple startup and high measuring accuracy. These two new devices provide a simple introduction to the world of magnetic-inductive flow measurement. JUMO flowTRANS MAG S10 was designed for industrial standard applications while JUMO flowTRANS MAG H10 can be utilized for hygienic applications. Both devices can be used in liquid, conductive media with different properties such as viscosity, concentration, and density.

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JUMO NEOS R02 LS was constructed for point level measurement in liquids with up to 5 floats and up to 5 switching contacts. With the optional temperature sensor or temperature switch, both the point level measurement and the temperature can be acquired via just one measuring point.

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JUMO digiLine CR and JUMO digiLine Ci

With JUMO digiLine CR and JUMO digiLine Ci JUMO is expanding the intelligent, bus-compatible JUMO digiLine system to include inductive and conductive measurement of electrolytic conductivity. The smart sensors are available in compact and separate design type. In addition to the JUMO digiLine interface, system integration can now also take place via an IO-Link interface.

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JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
Moritz-Juchheim-Str. 1
36039 Fulda

Phone: +49 661 60030
Internet: www.jumo.de
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Contact person

Viktor Ort
Business Development Manager
Phone: +49 661 60032450
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Gogol Str. 86, office 724
050000 Alamaty

Phone: +7 7272 505699
Fax: +7 7272 503798
Internet: www.jumo.kz
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News & Innovations

JUMO digiLine - Intelligent connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis

With JUMO digiLine, JUMO presents a bus-compatible connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis which also offers Plug and Play functionality.

JUMO digiLine enables simple construction of sensor networks in
which sensors are connected to each other in a star or tree structure. A single shared signal line is used for communication with the next evaluation unit or controller.

This way plants in which several parameters need to be measured at the same time in different places can be wired efficiently and quickly.

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